Sunday, March 16, 2014

The One Where Our Baby Turned One

…. and now she's a year old.

It may have been since August that I last blogged, but let me assure you. Seven months have gone by and a lifetime of changes. Let me fill you in on the last few months.

- Christmas happened, and it was magical with two children
- We spent New Year's at home together with cousins
- Camden learned how to swim
- Bobby ran his first full marathon
- Melissa ran her first half-marathon
- Penelope started crawling (November)
- Camden got his first big boy bike (with training wheels) and scooter (only two wheels) and rides them like a boss
- Penelope started eating real foods and wants to do everything herself
- Camden started "school" (Mother's Day Out program) and loves it
- Camden gave up his "suckie" (pacifier) AND is now potty-trained
- Penelope started doing her sign language (the basics)
- Penelope decided to start walking more than crawling at her first birthday party

Not a day goes by that I don't cherish this time when my babies are small, innocent and dependent on me and Bobby. I love it and I hate it that they are getting big. We have hard days (like, really hard) and we have wonderful days. I am so in love with our little family of four and I'm so thankful for all the Lord has blessed us with. So, so grateful.

Our little baby has filled our hearts with so much joy! She is so pleasant and cheerful. She is always smiling, and has recently developed an adventurous spirit… no doubt, taking after her big brother. She loves to eat and be held. She adores any toy with a face: babies, animals, bugs, etc. She will smile and then give them a BIG hug. She'll crush a big bowl of frozen blueberries for breakfast every morning, crawl faster than her brother can run (or so it seems), and is happy to be around people. She sleeps like a dream and loves to nurse (yes, we're still breastfeeding).  She carries her precious Zoe dog (stuffed animal lovie) around by her stubby tail, sucks her thumb to her hearts content, and squeals with joy when Camden spares a second of time to play with her. Her first word (besides Mama and Dada) was "shoes" and her first sign was "milk." She has big brown eyes, and the softest, sweetest-smelling wispy brown hair. Her nose wrinkles up when she smiles, showing off her big girl teeth (7 teeth now!).

We just love our precious Penelope Cate.

We celebrated her birthday yesterday with so many friends and family! Appropriately, Penelope carried around a balloon all afternoon for her…balloon party. There are tons more pictures coming soon, but here's our baby over the year.

Happy Birthday to you!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Penelope at Five Months

Is it really five months already?? I don't think I can handle this. She's my baby. By itty bitty baby with perfect skin and who sleeps like a dream.

This girl amazes me more and more every day. She is just such a good baby. I thought I had it good with Camden. But this girl. This girl. I tell everyone I see just how thankful I am that she is an easy baby. She is happy when she's awake (except sometimes in the evening - I think she's trying to get some teeth to break through), she goes to sleep as soon as she's put down, and can usually pacify herself with that blessed thumb if needed. She travels in the car, happily singing along the way (I call her my "Little Lark"). She smiles with even the slightest glance in her direction, and she LOVES watching her big brother.

She's rolling over like a champ now and pushing up on her arms. In the last few days, she's gotten extremely Camden was. Daddy says she's gonna be a mover like her brother! She is able to sit up briefly unassisted, but not consistently. She has the most amazing manual dexterity... she can grab at things and use her pinchers to grab smallish objects in her reach. And my favorite thing, she's discovered her feet and can't get enough!

Here's our sweet girl at Five Months Old. Can't believe it.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Penelope: 4 Months

Oh dear, was my last blog post about Penelope really when she was a week old?! Bad mama. I must admit though, I've been a bit busy. Unfortunately, blogging has taken the back seat in my life due to these two Little's, running my business and maintaining some sort of sanity around my house. I've been updating frequently on Instagram, which I suppose has taken the place of my blog since Penelope was born. What I'm missing, however, are the day-to-day updates and milestones, which I was so diligent about with Camden.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Penelope is now almost four and a half months old. She is truly the sweetest little thing you will ever see. Smiley, happy and content to do just about anything, she really is such a joy! I thank God every single day (I mean, really... more like every single minute) that she is such a good baby. That affords me the time to keep up with Camden and make him still feel like I haven't neglected him...I hope. I tell everyone I see: God only gives you what you can handle. AMEN!

We just had Sweet Pea's 4 month check up and here are her stats:
Height: 24.5 Inches
Weight: 14 Pounds, 1oz
60th Percentile for both
Growing beautifully!

Here's what she's doing:
- She rolls over front to back, and now back to front on a consistent basis
- She tries and tries to sit up with all her might, but has really impressive core muscle control!
- She plays happily in her exersaucer (started her in there at 16 weeks old) and door bouncer seat
- She breastfeeds like a champ (weaned from the nipple shield at 3.5 months old) and takes a bottle (expressed milk) at least once a week
- She is able to grab things in her reach, and is actually quite intent on doing so. Her dexterity at this age is really amazing.
- She loves the water! We take both kids to the pool several times a week and she's happy to kick her feet in the water and splash a bit. Bath time is her favorite.
- We are still cloth diapering, although I'm not as diligent about doing it every day. If I'm behind in laundry, she gets 'sposies (disposables). I gave up on cloth wipes, as girls need a little more meticulous cleaning than boys!
- I swear she's teething. She chews on EVERYTHING and anything. My fingers, Camden's hand, her toys, her clothes, the cat's tail (just kidding), her pacifier... We'll see if anything pops up in the next few weeks!
- We moved her into her crib overnight when she was 3 months old. She now naps and sleeps in her crib exclusively when we're home.
- She SINGS, and sings and sings... such a talker!
- She sucks her thumb! She found her thumb when she was about 3 months old. We put her down with the pacifier to try and combat the thumb, but she usually ends up with the thumb in her mouth.

We are continually blessed by her every day. Each one of us!

Funny story:
We were at the pool last week and I was holding Penelope in my lap in the water (very shallow, don't worry). A little girl the same age as Camden came up to me and asked to touch the baby. I said sure, and the little girl poked her toes a couple of times. Usually Camden could care less about Penelope, and who knows where he was at this point, but out of no where, he comes running through the pool and decks the little girl, shouting "No touch Elopie!!!!" The little girl was fine (only a bit puzzled by what just happened), but it was so funny to see him for the first time EVER be so protective of his baby sister!

Like I said, I've been very active on InstaGram (follow me @mbphotog), so if you don't do that, here are a couple photos of our sweet girl over the last couple months:

Here are her weekly pictures:

Penelope's Nursery

Penelope's Room... Something I never thought I'd have a chance to do. I've been told since I got engaged that I'd only have boys - it's the Barrick way! I was happily content with that fact, until we got pregnant the second time around. I've secretly (but maybe not so secretly) always wanted a boy and a girl. A big brother to protect his little sister. A little girl to soften her daddy and brother's hearts. See? Perfect. I'm thankful that God thought so, too.

Anyway, I was absolutely elated to be able to decorate a little girl's room. Despite my love for frilly and very girlish things, I wanted her nursery to be a little more understated and not so "in your face." Delicate, sweet, pretty. Overwhelmed by what I was finding in Pinterest, I just decided to procure things as I saw them and eventually, my eyes migrated to a specific color or "feel" and I was happy on how it came along.

I love how it came together and it fits sweet Penelope perfectly. Her room has the best light in the whole house, so I think she really enjoys spending time in there! What a good baby she is, and I'm so happy to be able to share these pictures with you!


Paint: Benjamin Moore "Pewter"
Mobile: Etsy: The Butter Flying
Watercolor Bible Verse: Etsy Custom: Ashlee Profit
Watercolor Painting: My Grandmother's: Betty A. Wise
Clock and large mirror: Marshalls
Vintage Dress and Gold Ballet Slippers: Family Heirloom
White Frames: Ikea
Animal Figurines: Target
White Vase: Ikea
Flowers: Home Goods
Crib: Walmart
Chair: Regency Furniture
Gold Floor Pouf: Overstock
White Fluffy Rug: Ikea
Pink Wrought Iron Children's Chair: Vintage/Mine as a child

Bookshelf: Ikea
Changing Table: Vintage
Drapes: Restoration Hardware Baby & Child
Newborn Photography in frames: Melissa Farr Photography & Melissa Barrick Photography

Photography by Melissa Barrick of MB Photography, LLC